Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

It was great that we had such lovely weather last week. It was so nice to sit in the back garden and enjoy the lovely sunshine at this time of the year.

For this week, I have picked a sign most children use in school: Uniform.

Wearing a uniform can be an advantage for children with special needs. It gives them a prompt, so when they see the uniform laid out for them they know it?s a school day today. Children with communication difficulties very often rely on visual cues that help them understand what?s going on around them.

For children who don?t wear a uniform to school, you could have other visual cues. I normally suggest a simple picture schedule with a picture or symbol for school, and have the school bag visible.

Remember that children with communication needs rely more on non-verbal information. Having the uniform or school bag visible first thing in the morning will help them understand that today is a school day.

The sign for this week, starting on Monday the 23rd of September is UNIFORM.

What other strategies could you use at home to help your child know when it?s a school day?

Let?s #spreadthel?mh this season.

Enjoy the video!

Sign Of The Week ? UNIFORM