Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

For this week’s sign of the week, I chose a sign that was requested by one of our Module 1 course participants – jigsaw.

Jigsaws are such a popular teaching resource – one of my favourites, so this sign will be really useful in preschools and junior classes. Jigsaws are a great tool to help stimulate the mind, while also improving hand and finger dexterity. Chunky wooden inset jigsaws for the little ones, and more advanced puzzles for older children.

Here are a few tips on how to create a signing environment to teach the sign for jigsaw.

When you introduce a new sign for the first time, try to use the sign every time you say the word. Make sure you create lots of opportunities to use the sign. For example, if you want to introduce the sign for jigsaw, make sure that you have lots of jigsaws in the classroom.

Also, let the families know you are using the sign in school, so that the children’s parents can get a few jigsaws that will appeal to the children – to make it even more fun. What we are aiming for is that the child can see the sign regularly throughout the day.

You can also print flashcards of some favourite toys, including a picture of the jigsaws. Sign along while you are looking at the flashcards to keep practising and reinforcing the new sign.

Encourage the child to imitate the sign back to you. Never force a child to sign, you can gently hold their hands and show them how to make the sign. Most children will need to see new signs many times before they start using the signs independently to communicate.

What other signs would you like to learn?
Let me know and I will incorporate them into the Sign of The Week.

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Enjoy the video!

Sign Of The Week – JIGSAW