The Colour Song

The Colour Song

On my blog this week, I’ll be sharing a song with you! I am certainly not a good singer, but I do sing all the time for my students and I am sure you do too – particularly to the younger ones. The song is called “Look at the Colours Over You” and it focuses on teaching 4 colours. I usually sing this song during parachute games. My students love parachute games, and they are great for engaging all children, including those who are quite active and find it hard to sit still.

Before I sing this song, I ask my students to lie down on their backs, on mats on the floor and look at the colours on the parachute. Another teacher in the class and two older students gently shake the parachute over the children, I don’t hold the parachute as I need my hands free for signing.

First, I point and label all the colours on the parachute, and then I sing “Look at the Colours Over You”. It’s an easy song to sing along and to sign, would you like to learn it and sing and sign it to your students? Follow the link below to see the video!

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The Colour Song

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