Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

It?s a month already since we went into lockdown. There have been good days and not so good days, and we are all realising it will take some time before we can all return to some kind of normality. It?s important that now more than ever we look after each other.

While during the first two weeks of the lockdown I battled with my kids to get homework done and got frustrated as they didn?t want to cooperate as much as I would have liked, I decided to take the foot off the pedal and relieve the pressure for everyone.

Reading has always been my go-to educational activity since my son Sebastian was born. When he was little, he would also refuse to do to speech and language therapy exercises with me, or anything that resembled work to him.

Back then I resorted to something we both loved doing: reading. I brought bedtime forwards so we could spend over an hour reading books in his bedroom. To this date, we still do it. I have read so many books to him, from all the Maisy Mouse stories to Julia Donaldson?s books, the adventures of Horrid Henry, and now all the crazy stories written by David Walliams.

A few days ago we started reading a book called Fing, by David Walliams. The main character is a girl whose parents are librarians. I said to Sebastian ?I bet you would like it if dad and myself were librarians?, his face lit up, gave me a big smile and nodded. I know how much he loves going to the library.

Unfortunately, we can?t do our weekly trips to our local library, but we do use the library app BorrowBox, where we can borrow eBooks from Irish libraries.

So Sebastian picked the sign of the week for you this week: to read.

So the Sign Of The Week starting on Monday the 20th of April is TO READ

Sign Of The Week – TO READ