Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

Father?s Day is coming up on Sunday the 21st of June, and today I am going to teach you the sign for FATHER.

People often ask me if they can use the L?mh sign for father and use other words such as dad, daddy, dada or papa instead. The answer to that is yes. Be consistent with young children, so if when you use the sign for father, you use the word ?daddy? try to stick to the same word as much as possible.

On father?s day, we not only celebrate our dads but also other relevant father figures such as grandfathers, uncles, cousins or big brothers. So next week in my social media, I will teach you all these signs for you to use. You can follow my Instagram account here.

The sign of the week starting next Monday the 15th of June is FATHER.

Sign Of The Week – FATHER