Sign Along To Summer Holiday By Cliff Richard

Sign Along To Summer Holiday By Cliff Richard

Last summer, one evening while I was driving home from work, a song came on the radio. It was “Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard. It’s a catchy little song, and it caught my attention (I must confess that when I am driving, I can’t help listening carefully to the lyrics of all the songs I hear, to see if they would be suitable for me to make a carpool karaoke version with Lámh signs 🙂

I was so excited when I heard Cliff Richard’s song as it’s perfect for signing! I made a mental note to record the song with signs for the summer of 2020.
Well, no need to explain why I ended up scratching that off the plan a few weeks ago.
No summer holidays abroad this year 🙁

We usually go to Barcelona every summer to spend time with all my family. We all love it, and it’s always so much fun for the kids. This year, however, we have decided not to travel. We all need to play our part to stop the spread of this nasty virus, so instead, we’ll be staying in Ireland taking day trips and supporting local businesses.

When we made the decision not to travel, I was sad that we wouldn’t see my family this summer. Now I’ve decided to make the most of the situation and have a fun summer here at home with the kids.

With this in mind, I decided to go ahead with the song and make a sing-and-sign along video. I certainly had a laugh when recording it on the beach. I was trying to capture a beautiful sunny day by the sea, and we ended up having to run home soaking wet as we got caught in a downpour!

It’s a fun and easy song to sign, so sign-along with me!

Wishing you a sunny summer holiday,

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Sign Along To Summer Holiday By Cliff Richard

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