Help your child say more words

help your child say more words. 3 strategies to get your child communicating.
Help your child say more words

3 strategies to get your child communicating.

One of the questions parents and teachers often ask is “what can I do to help my child say more words?”.

This week, in my video blog, I answer a question that a mum of a 4-year-old boy with autism sent me asking for advice on how to help his son use more words.

Each child is unique; all children will learn and develop at their own pace. But there are several effective strategies you can implement to encourage more communication.

In this video blog, you will learn 3 strategies I always use with my students.

And now your turn, which strategies do you use to encourage your students to communicate more?

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Help your child say more words: 3 strategies to get your child communicating

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  1. Lucie Loma Owanga

    Hi Silvia .
    Thanks very much.
    I really appreciate this video .
    The second strategy is really helpful , the one to forget something e.g : my son’s tablet was off, no charge.
    And when he asked me and I give him like that , he was saying : charger, charger ….
    The same when I gave him a glass of ice 🍨, not spoon 🥄 , he asked for it.

    • Silvia Angel

      I am so happy to hear how quick these strategies work for you, wonderful!


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