Sign Of The Week: Lámh Sign For Spring

Sign Of The Week: Lámh Sign For Spring

Hi there,

As I am writing this email to you, glorious sunshine is coming in my studio’s window. I can see the daffodils in my garden blooming, making me want to get out there and enjoy a bit of warmth. I hear on the radio a weather warning for the west of Ireland, so it might be pouring by the time you read this email. That’s the nature of our wonderful Irish weather 🙂

So this week, inspired by the green shoots popping up in my garden, I will teach you the sign for SPRING.

I would also like to let you know that I will be running online Lámh Module 1 training over April and May. If you want to join one of my courses,  Click here to see available dates. to see available dates.

So, the sign of the week, for the week starting on Monday the 1 of March is SPRING.

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