Early Signs Of Autism (An Interview By Marianela Datti From Real Connections)

Early Signs Of Autism (An Interview By Marianela Datti From Real Connections)

Hi there,

Did you know that April is Autism Acceptance Month?

For years, the autism community promoted Autism Awareness in April. This year, we are not only promoting awareness but acceptance too. We want communities to foster acceptance and embrace autistic people all around the world.

With this in mind and thinking in particular of parents of young children with signs of autism, I want to share an interview I did a few months ago.

The clinical director of Real Connections therapy centre in Dublin, Mane Datti, welcomed me to their Instagram live session. Mane wanted me to share my journey with families of young children, support them while seeking a diagnosis, and understand the supports we need to put in place in those early years.

Please share this article and video with any families who might be concerned about their child´s development as it will provide some guidance for them.

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  1. Grainne O'brien

    Just watched your zoom with Mani …Early signs of autism. It was fantastic. So real and it would be so useful for anybody with worries about their child..i work as an Sna so often have noticed traits or behavior in a young child in Infants..this video is so useful to me. It would help and inform amy parent who has concerns about their child. To see how supportive you have been to your eldest child would help reassure them thst there are ways they can help their child while they are even waiting for an assessment. Well done Sylvia.

    • Silvia Angel

      Thank you Grainne for your kind words. I am delighted you enjoyed the interview with Mane. I love listening to other people’s journey too. I am glad you found it useful.


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