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Lámh Sign For Please

Lámh Sign For Please

Sign of The Week – PLEASE
One of the signs that parents and teachers often ask me for is the sign for PLEASE. So, I thought you may like to try it too! It is important to focus on pragmatic language first before we consider introducing words like please and thank you…

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Lámh Sign For Flower

Lámh Sign For Flower

Sign of The Week – FLOWER
I am blessed to live in county Wicklow near the sea, and considering what we would typically be doing on this day, a walk on the beach was perfect to celebrate our national day…

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Lámh Sign For Ireland

Lámh Sign For Ireland

Sign of The Week – IRELAND
Saint Patrick’s Day is almost upon us. This year (2021), as last year, all festivities are cancelled, which means no parades and dancing on the streets of the major cities and towns in Ireland and across the world…

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Tip #3 – Safety Issues!

Image Credit: ID 78278245 © Elena Stebakova | Dreamstime.comfacebookinstagramyoutubeThe current school year is coming to an end soon, and we are all starting to look at the list of new students we will be working with next September. If you are working with a student...

Restricted Interests In Children With Autism

Restricted Interests In Children With Autism Having restricted interest is a common characteristic of autism. Children with autism tend to focus in depth on an issue or activity and have difficulties shifting their attention from the area of interest to something...

Lámh Sign For Father

Image Credit: 13127919 / Animals © Klara Viskova | Dreamstime.com facebookinstagramyoutubeWelcome to the sign of the week. Father's Day is almost upon us and we will be celebrating our father's and the father figures in our lives: grandad's, uncles, brothers and dear...


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