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School Signs Review

A review of seven Lámh signs for school for the new term 2020. I wanted to write to you to wish you the best of luck going back to school today.You, all teachers, SNAs, preschool teachers and principals have done your best in getting classrooms ready and safe to...

Signs For Halloween

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week. I know I am in your inbox early this week, but it's because I want to share with you 10 Halloween signs that you might need this week. Many of you got back to me with signs you need for this week, and I picked the 10 of the most asked...

How to support children with autism learning their peers’ names

Do you know that some children with autism struggle recognising people's faces? I was stunned years ago, at the start of my career, when I realised that one of my students didn't know the names of his classmates. This boy, who had autism, enjoyed being with other...




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