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The Colour Song

The Colour Song

On my blog this week, I'll be sharing a song with you! I am certainly not a good singer, but I do sing all the time for my students and I am sure you do too -...

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You Won’t Be Cold Anymore With Lámh Signs

Last year, I recorded one of Mr. Tumble´s songs with Lámh sings. Many parents and teachers commented how helpful that was, so I recorded again and improve it, so more teachers and parents can use it with their children. Although the weather is cold, we must make sure...

Christmas Signs

Many teachers and parents commented on how useful my Halloween signs compilation was. So, I decided to do something similar to help you learn Christmas signs. In this Christmas video, I have included some additional signs that people often ask for, such as elf,...

How to use the First & Next board

Learn how to use First and Then boards, and avoid making the mistake that most people make when introducing this concept for the first time. First and next boards are elementary schedules that we use to help children with autism learn what activities will happen next....




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