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Tip #2 – Take Photos!

Image Credit: Teacher with phone -  38904238 / Camera © Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime.com Image Credit: School Classroom - Photo 33667002 © Brett Critchley | Dreamstime.comfacebookinstagramyoutubeToday's tip involves taking your camera out (or your phone), taking...

How to organise preschool work for children with autism

How to organise preschool work for children with autism Children with autism benefit greatly from learning in a structured environment. Order and routine will be your best allies when teaching children with additional needs. Most preschools have a set daily schedule...

Lámh Sign For Animal

Image Credit: 13127919 / Animals © Klara Viskova | Dreamstime.com facebookinstagramyoutubeWelcome to the sign of the week. Good weather brings outdoor activities and local trips with the little ones. I can't wait to visit our local pet farm and the zoo soon; it's been...


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