The Circle Programme

The CIRCLE programme is an online course for primary school teachers, special needs assistants, and early years educators of children with autism. 

This training has been developed based on years of working as an education consultant, supporting teachers to make schools and pre-schools inclusive for children with special needs. 

It includes everything you need to know, do, and understand to adapt activities so that all children can be active participants in the classroom. 

During the course, I will guide you and support you in implementing strategies and making changes in your classroom to suit your student’s needs. 

This course not only aims to inform teachers, but to transform the classroom so that children with autism learn, cooperate, participate, and develop positive relationships with their peers.

The CIRCLE programme is delivered in 6 modules over a period of 8 weeks. Sessions are live on Zoom, but students can also follow the classes in streaming on demand. It includes classroom resources like printable plans, picture schedules, symbols and choice boards for activities, stories, and songs, ready for you to use.

Presented at the 2018 World Down Syndrome Congress in Scotland, and the 2019 National Progressing Disabilities Conference in Ireland, The CIRCLE Programme is a proven and fully tested programme.


The programme is presented in six modules over eight weeks. Participants can attend and participate during the live sessions, or have access to the course sessions afterwards on the course webpage.

Each course session will be accompanied by worksheets and additional reading materials to help you adapt the content learned during the session to your student’s needs.

This programme is for primary school teachers, special needs assistants, and early years educators who:
  • Are struggling to include students with autism in group activities.
  • Feel unsure which adaptations they need to implement in the classroom.
  • Feel overwhelmed dealing with difficult behaviour in the classroom.
  • Want clear and straightforward guidelines to support students with language delays.
  • Want to have ready-to-use resources that will save them time.
Here is what I will show you in this programme.
  • How to make adaptations in the classroom according to your student’s needs.
  • How to support students with language delay.
  • How to identify and assist students with sensory integrations difficulties.
  • How to manage difficult behaviour.
  • How to encourage all children to participate in the classroom, even the most reluctant students.


Module 1

In this Module, you will learn why the inclusion of all children is essential, and how this inclusion benefits children with special needs, their peers, and the wider community. 

You will discover what are the layers of the inclusion process and how you can guide your students through that process.

Module 2

In this module, you will learn how to support students with language delay. You will learn about interventions necessary for non-verbal or pre-verbal children, but also how to support verbal students grow their language and improve conversation skills.

You will also discover easy ways to assess language skills in the classroom, so you can adapt to how you communicate so that children understand and follow instructions better in the classroom.


In this module, you will learn about how children with autism perceive and experience the world around them and how this impacts their performance and behaviour in the classroom. 

We will focus on supporting students with sensory processing difficulties, and we will discuss what interventions you can implement depending on the child’s needs.


In this module, you will learn how to structure the classroom and teaching sessions, so your students learn academically, but also sociably, in school.

You will also learn about how you can support your students in developing writing and literacy skills from an early age.



In this module, you will learn how to promote good behaviour in the classroom from the start of the school year.

You will also learn how to plan and implement an intervention to support children with more challenging behaviour in the classroom.

You will have the opportunity to discuss and receive specialised advice.


In this Module, you will learn about The CIRCLE Formula, a formula that will help you plan group activities inclusive to all children. 

This formula can be used to plan group activities in special needs classes, but also group activities in mainstream groups so a child with disabilities can learn and participate actively in the class.

Extra Free Bonuses…


Working With Families

In this bonus class, we will discuss working and supporting parents of children with additional needs.

After this class, you will have a deeper understanding of parent’s concerns and how you can support parents and various stages.

You will also learn how to manage difficult conversations so that the relationship between the school and the family remains positive and healthy.


Communication Systems

In this interactive class, you will learn how to use communication systems and supports in the classroom.

I will also show you specific activities, books, games and songs that have proven to be successful in inclusive classrooms.

This session will be completely tailored to the needs of the participants in the class.


Downloads & Printables

Resources that will save you time when planning group activities.

You will be able to download:

  • The CIRCLE Formula session planner.
  • Printable symbols for classroom routines.
  • Visuals for Circle Time.
  • Visuals for classroom rules.
  • A choice board for children’s sing-along songs.
  • A choice board for group activities.


Once you have completed the programme you will receive a certificate of achievement for the Circle Programme.


Over the last 18 years, I have worked with hundreds of teachers and supported many children with special needs in their community, pre-schools and schools. I have not only witnessed the challenges, but the powerful transformations achieved when schools open their doors and hearts to children with all abilities.

Let’s continue joining forces, working together, and making classrooms more inclusive.

A community that embraces children with all abilities,
is one that celebrates and respects how unique we all are!

"The course not only met but went beyond my expectations. A total understanding of how SNA's & teachers work and a great presentation manner"

Eva Maria Hogan | SNA


"Silvia is very knowledgeable in the fold of inclusion and has a very good understanding of what works best for children with SEN"

Kathleen Fitzgerald | Special Education Teacher
St. Paul’s School

"I enjoyed the Zoom webinar as you can sit at home without rushing around after work in normal times to get to a course. I really got a lot out of the course"

Catherine O’ Halloran | Catherine’s Playschool


The CIRCLE Programme for March 2021 is now open for registration.

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The Circle Programme


I have worked with so many pre-school and school teachers since the start of my career in 2002. These teachers are all fully committed to making their classrooms more inclusive.

I am regularly asked about two main challenges that they face – knowing what adaptations to make in the classroom and finding the time to make these adaptations.

That is why this programme focuses on giving you practical solutions that are easy to implement. I will also give you resources that are ready for you to print and use.

I aim to help you to feel informed, confident and well equipped without the stress and endless hours of planning, preparing and creating resources.

This programme will not replace intervention from early intervention professionals, and the specialist knowledge they provide when they visit your classroom. Instead, it will give you practical tools that you can implement ahead of their visits. These tools will then allow you to focus on more specific or intricate issues that children may have.


The course will take place using the video meeting app Zoom on the dates below. I recommend that participants attend the live presentations on Zoom, but if you cant, don’t worry, you will be able to watch the sessions afterwards. (Please ensure that you download and test Zoom before the first Module.)

You will be able to access all the recorded sessions, articles, slides, worksheets and resources on The CIRCLE Programme course website.


Time: Thursdays Evenings 7 pm
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Module 1 – 4th March
Module 2 – 11th March
Module 3 – 18th March
Module 4 – 25th March

Implementation weeks For Easter

Module 5 – 15th April
Module 6 – 22nd April

Bonus 1 – 29th April
Bonus 2 – 6th May

Silvia Angel

Early Intervention Specialist

Silvia Angel is an educational consultant and early intervention specialist, and the founder of Silvia Angel Education.

Silvia has been supporting children’s development and inclusion in Ireland since 2002.

Silvia has a degree in Social Studies from the University of Ramon Llull, Barcelona, and a BA in Psychology of Education with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Also, she completed a Diploma in Autism Studies with University College Cork.

In 2002 she moved to Ireland from Barcelona, and since then she has been working with different organisations providing support to children with disabilities and their families. In 2017 Silvia founded her own company to provide training for teachers, clinicians, and organisations and advocate for people with disabilities.

Silvia has given presentations at national and international conferences such as the National Progressing Disabilities in Limerick, and the Down Syndrome World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.

Silvia Angel is the mom of two boys, one of them with autism.



From my experience working directly with teachers, I know that many teachers, just like you, are deeply committed to helping children with additional needs. In this programme, you have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other like-minded teachers.

The lack of external supports to schools from clinical teams makes a teacher’s job challenging, and often teachers and educators feel isolated and in need of specialised information and support.

During the training, you will have the opportunity to learn from a senior therapist, a clinical psychologist and an early intervention consultant, and also learn from all the expertise from your group.

Many of you are already doing great work in your classrooms, and my wish is that this becomes a platform where we can support each other to continue making classrooms even more inclusive.

"It shows practical ways to make small changes that can create a big difference to a child and the learning outcome"

Theresa O’Connor | SNA
Powerstown Educate Together

"I would recommend the training to anyone working with preschool children with special needs as it was inclusive to all of the needs of the children"

Christina Laban | Early Years Educator
Mini Mi’s Early Learning Centre

"I liked that even though it was over Zoom, it was very interactive, and we were well supported by Silvia."

Trish Fogarty | Special Education Teacher
Scoil Phadraig Naofa


The CIRCLE Programme for March 2021 is now open for registration.

Early Bird

Save €100 by booking before the 18th of February

Single Payment Of:


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Two Payment Option

This fee applies after 18th February

Two Payments Of:


Contact me if you would like to get more information about group bookings. Contact Me

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