The CIRCLE Workshops are short online courses for teachers, classroom assistants, early years educators and families of children with autism.

These classes are loaded with practical information that you can implement straight away.

New workshops are presented from time to time, so you can learn a wide range of topics about working with children with developmental delays and/or autism.

These workshops not only aim to inform educators and parents, but also to transform our communities so children with all abilities are included.


All workshops will be one hour long and run on Zoom.

You can join one workshop at a time or join the whole workshop series (3 sessions).

The CIRCLE workshops are for educators and parents who:
  • Are struggling to include children with autism in group activities.
  • Feel unsure which adaptations they need to implement at home or in the classroom.
  • Feel overwhelmed dealing with problematic behaviours.
  • Want clear and straightforward guidelines to support children with language delays.
  • Want to have ready-to-use resources that will save them time.
Here is what I will show you in these series.
  • How children with autism learn and experience the world.
  • How to structure school work, so children engage better in learning activities.
  • How to use visual supports effectively.
  • How to help children with language delay communicate.
  • How to adapt group activities so children with autism can take part.



Introduction to Autism 

You will learn what autism is and how it impacts children’s development.

You will also learn how children with autism learn best so you can provide effective supports at home and in the classroom.

This workshop will help you understand autism and what key supports autistic children need in place in order for them to develop to their full potential. 


Using visual supports at home and in the classroom

In this workshop, you will learn how to use visual supports at home and in the classroom. 

Visual supports are a communication tool widely used with children with special needs, and one of the most effective interventions for children with autism.

On the completion of this class, you will receive resources ready for you to print and use at home or in the classroom.


How to give pre-verbal children tools to communicate

Children who have autism and a language delay benefit from using communication systems, such as PECS, sign language or an iPad.

These systems give them a way to communicate while they continue developing their language skills.

In this workshop, you will learn about the most common communication systems used by children with autism.

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Free Bonus Materials

Material ready for you to download and print ready for use.


You will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion.

"The course not only met but went beyond my expectations. A total understanding of how SNA's & teachers work and a great presentation manner"

Eva Maria Hogan | SNA


"Silvia is very knowledgeable in the fold of inclusion and has a very good understanding of what works best for children with SEN"

Kathleen Fitzgerald | Special Education Teacher
St. Paul’s School

"I enjoyed the Zoom webinar as you can sit at home without rushing around after work in normal times to get to a course. I really got a lot out of the course"

Catherine O’ Halloran | Catherine’s Playschool

Training Workshops


My training focuses on giving you practical solutions that are easy to implement. I will also give you resources that are ready for you to print and use.

I aim to help you feel informed, confident and well equipped without the stress and endless hours of planning, preparing and creating resources for your child.

These workshops will not replace intervention from early intervention professionals, and the specialist knowledge they provide. Instead, it will give you practical tools that you can implement ahead of their visits. These tools will then allow you to focus on more specific or intricate issues that children may have.



The workshops will take place using the video meeting app Zoom.
You must attend the workshops live to get your certification.

During the workshops, I welcome participants to have their cameras on and participate, but participation is optional. Other participants may just prefer to listen.

You can purchase a ticket for any one of the workshops, or you can purchase all three workshops at a discount price.

Time: Tuesday Evenings at 7 pm
Duration: 1 hour
WORKSHOP 1 – 9th March
WORKSHOP 2 – 16th March
WORKSHOP 3 – 23th March


Silvia Angel

Early Intervention Specialist

Silvia Angel is an educational consultant and early intervention specialist, and the founder of Silvia Angel Education.

Silvia has been supporting children’s development and inclusion in Ireland since 2002.

Silvia has a degree in Social Studies from the University of Ramon Llull, Barcelona, and a BA in Psychology of Education with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Also, she completed a Diploma in Autism Studies with University College Cork.

In 2002 she moved to Ireland from Barcelona, and since then she has been working with different organisations providing support to children with disabilities and their families. In 2017 Silvia founded her own company to provide training for teachers, clinicians, and organisations and advocate for people with disabilities.

Silvia has given presentations at national and international conferences such as the National Progressing Disabilities in Limerick, and the Down Syndrome World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.

Silvia Angel is the mom of two boys, one of them with autism.



Over the last 18 years, I have worked with hundreds of teachers and supported many children with special needs in their community, pre-schools and schools. I have not only witnessed the challenges, but the powerful transformations achieved when schools open their doors and hearts to children with all abilities.

Let’s continue joining forces, working together, and making classrooms more inclusive.

A community that embraces children with all abilities,
is one that celebrates and respects how unique we all are!

Have a question about these workshops?
please send me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.