Circle Programme | Weekly Classes (October 2020)



The course will take place using the video meeting app Zoom on the dates below. I recommend that participants attend the live presentations on Zoom, but if you cant, don’t worry, you will be able to watch the sessions afterwards.
(Please ensure that you download and test Zoom before the first Module)

You will be able to access all the recorded sessions, articles, worksheets and resources on The CIRCLE Programme website.

After each session, you will receive a link to the recording plus a fun worksheet (homework).

Course Schedule:

Time: Evenings 7 pm
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Module 1 – 1st of October
Module 2 – 8th of October
Module 3 – 15th of October
Module 4 – 22nd of October

Implementation week

Module 5 – 5th of November
Module 6 – 12th of November

Bonus 1 – 19th of November
Bonus 2 – 26th of November

Sold Out

Sold Out


This programme is for preschool teachers, teachers in junior classes and classroom assistants.

What's Inside This Programme?

Module 1
In Module 1, I will explain why the inclusion of all children is essential, and how this inclusion benefits children with special needs, their peers and the wider community.
You will learn about the layers of inclusion and the different stages in the process of integration in the classroom.
You will also learn about the main barriers children with disabilities find in the classroom and how recognising this will create a baseline for your intervention.

Module 2
In Module 2, we will look at communication and speech and language development.
You will learn how to support students with language delay so they can understand and communicate better in the classroom.
And you will also learn about specific supports you can put in place in school.

Module 3
In Module 3, you will learn about how children with disabilities perceive and experience the world around them.
We will focus on supporting students with sensory integration issues, and we will discuss specific interventions to support them.

Module 4
In Module 4, I will introduce you to Teaching Strategies and approaches for students with special educational needs.
You will also learn about how you can support your students in developing writing and literacy skills from an early age.

Module 5
Module 5 is dedicated to learning and finding positive solutions to behavioural issues in the classroom.
You will learn how to implement Positive Behavioural Approaches and strategies for Behaviour Management in the classroom.

Module 6
In this Module, you will learn about the CIRCLE Formula, a formula that will help you plan group activities inclusive to all children.
This formula can be used to plan group activities in special needs classes, but also group activities in mainstream groups so a child with disabilities can always be included.

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