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The Circle Time Programme
The course will take place over Zoom on the dates below. I recommend participants to attend the live presentations, but if you cant, don?t worry, you will be able to watch the session afterwards.
After each session, you will receive a recording plus a fun sheet (homework).

Module 1. Thursday 7th May | 10.30 am ? 12.00 pm
Module 2. Thursday 14th May | 10.30 am ? 12.00 pm
Module 3. Thursday 21st May | 10.30 am ? 12.00 pm
Module 4. Thursday 28th May | 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

(Only for participants based in Ireland)
Thursday 4th June | 10.00 am ? 11.00 am

(Only for participants based outside Ireland)
Thursday 4th June | 11.30 am ? 12.30 pm

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This programme is for preschool teachers, teachers in junior classes and classroom assistants.

What?s Inside This Programme?

Module 1
In this module, you will learn what circle time is and what benefits can it have for children with special needs. You will also learn how group activities support children?s social and emotional development.

You will also learn why the inclusion of all children is essential, and how this benefits children with special needs, their peers and the wider community.

Module 2
In this module, you will learn the main barriers children with disabilities find in mainstream environments.

We will look at how children with different disabilities learn, communicate and experience the world. Being able to understand this is important to create a baseline for intervention.

Module 3
You will learn about the 6-factor formula. This formula will help you structure circle time and make it inclusive for all children.

In this module, we will look at the first three factors. You will learn how to construct the start and end of circle time, how to present the activities within circle time and what to do to prepare children with special needs for group activities.

Module 4
ou will continue to learn about the 6-factor formula, and we will focus on the three last factors. In this module, you will learn how to identify what are the best-sitting arrangements for your students and how important this is. You will also learn about how to support language and communication during group activities. You will learn how to help students that are reluctant to sit and participate during circle time.

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