Little Lámh Workshop – (March/April 2021)


Little Lámh course for parents of babies and other family members.

Little Lámh is an introductory course for families of babies who may go on to use Lámh signs. It is also suitable for other family members, friends or childminders of Lámh users who require a small number of signs.
This course will teach you how to start using Lámh signs to support your child’s communication.


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Out of stock


The course will take place using the video meeting app Zoom.
Participants will receive the Little Lámh book that includes illustrations of the course signs.

Qualifications Required: None.
Course Duration: One 2 hour session.

Course Schedule:

Course: Little Lámh Workshop
Date: Wednesday 24th March (7-9 pm)
(Conducted via Zoom)

Families joining the course only need to purchase one place per household.


The workshop covers:

A brief introduction to Lámh and Total Communication
How to implement the first signs
26 Lámh signs
How to use signs in daily routines
Course Materials:
Little Lamh Handbook and Sign Book

Course Recognised by:

Please notify me of any special needs you may have regarding hearing or visual difficulties, etc.

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