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General Enquiries




+353 87 7640869

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If you have a specific question about my CIRCLE Programme, please contact me.

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General Questions Answered

I am a family member but there are no family courses available. Can I attend Module 1 instead?

Although Module 1 has been designed for professionals, from time to time families attend Module 1 too if family training is not available to them. A number of families have joined my module 1 training and they found it very beneficial. If you want to chat about if Module 1 would be helpful for you please contact me.

What qualifications or experience do I need to do Lámh Module 1 training?

You don’t need any particular qualifications or experience to do Lámh Module 1. This course is suitable for beginners and also for people that have some experience using Lámh but haven’t completed formal training.

My organisation/school requires an invoice before I book the training?

You can e-mail me with your request and I will invoice your school and hold a place for you.

If you have any other questions that I haven’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to pop me an email.