Lámh Sign For Bag

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

I visited a school recently and the teacher asked me this question: Why is my student not using L?mh in the classroom? (knowing she is using signs at home with her parents).

I stayed there for a little while observing and soon I had the answer? because she doesn?t need to!

This little girl was being supported very well by her SNA and her class teacher.
That was nice to see, but this meant that all her needs were being anticipated so she didn?t have many reasons to communicate as she was totally happy with so many helpers around.

To encourage her to use L?mh we decided to make a few changes in the classroom:

  • We put her favourite toys on a high shelf out of reach.
  • I asked her SNA not to open her bag at snack time.
  • I asked her teacher to give her choices during the day, for example, let her choose a book to read.

A few days later, her teachers were surprised to see that she had started using more signs.
She started signing for dolly to request her doll (that was now up on the high shelf), she signed bag to ask her SNA to open her school bag and signed lion when her teacher asked her which book she wanted to read (Dear Zoo is her favourite book).

Once children learn a number of signs, we then want to see them using those signs to communicate their wants and needs to those around them. Create opportunities for your students to practice the signs they have learned so they get more confident communicating with others using L?mh.

This week I picked another sign all children use in schools.

The sign for this week, starting on Monday the 16th of September is BAG.

What strategies can you put in place in your classroom so your students can communicate more effectively with L?mh?.

Let?s #spreadthel?mh this season.

Enjoy the video!

Sign Of The Week ? BAG