Lámh Sign For Toast

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

When we introduce signs to a child with special needs for the first time, we generally pick signs that only involve one hand and a simple gesture so that children can copy them easily.

But having worked with young children, I have learned that when children are motivated to request something, they will quickly learn more complex signs.

Such as the sign for TOAST. This sign involves using both hands, and it has two parts (first you do the sign for “bread”, and then you represent the toast popping up the toaster). As a slice toast and butter is one of many children´s favourite snacks, many of my young students have learned this sign because they were motivated to ask for it.

You can try it too with your child or student.

The sign of the week, starting on Monday the 21st of September, is TOAST.

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Sign Of The Week – TOAST