Lámh Sign For Banana

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

The sign for next week is BANANA.

Hope you all had a great mid-term break last week. All the children are now back into the school routine and the sun is finally popping out more often these fresh spring mornings.

Eating is an everyday activity and so the signs for the different types of food are an essential part of the process. Teaching the signs for food during eating times will help your child learn new vocabulary, and eventually, he will be able to request and talk about his favourite foods.

The sign of the week starting on Monday the 3rd of March is BANANA.

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Sign Of The Week – BANANA

Lámh Sign For Car

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

The sign for next week is CAR. With mid-term break coming up, families will be doing some outings to make the most out of the few days off. 
Using the sign for CAR as you are telling your child to get ready to go out, will reinforce your message and help your child understand what is coming next. 
The sign of the week starting on Monday the 17th of February is CAR.

Sing & Sign For Valentines

Sign along to Perfect by Ed Sheeran
Sign Of The Week – CAR