Planning for your child’s future (An interview with Alan Cuthbert from Financial Wellbeing)

Planning for your child’s future (An interview with Alan Cuthbert from Financial Wellbeing)

Planning for your child’s future (An interview with Alan Cuthbert from Financial Wellbeing)

Hi there,

What is the biggest worry of parents of children with special needs?

It’s well known that all parents worry about their child’s future.
However, for parents of children with special needs, this is the biggest concern.
Silently, families question, “what will happen to my child when I am gone?
My husband and I had the same worries and the same fears, and of course, we still do. But a few years ago, we found somebody who helped us plan for Sebastian’s future and lessened these fears.

Three years ago, I attended a free seminar organised by Financial Wellbeing. In that seminar, I learned about benefits for my child that I didn’t know I could avail of, and I received a clear road map on how to protect our son’s future. I learned about everything we needed to know and put in place, from writing a letter of wishes to setting up a trust fund.

Many families, particularly those not linked to public services yet, are not aware of the type of benefits they are entitled to, benefits that could help cover medical costs, private intervention or allow one of the parents to reduce their working hours.

Furthermore, many families are not sure how to protect their child’s future and often get ill advice that doesn’t have the special needs’ child interest at heart.

I know how hard it is for families to gather information and the right advice to benefit and secure their child’s future. For this, I invited Allan Cuthbert to this week’s video. Allan is one of the three amazing people in Financial Wellbeing that three years ago helped my husband, and I plan for Sebastian’s future.

In this video, Alan and I discussed some of the essential pieces of information that families should have:

• What are the essential benefits all parents of children with disabilities need to apply for.
• Why having a special needs bank account is crucial if you are saving money for your child.
• Why people with disabilities are at higher risk of experiencing poverty.
• Why parents should include a child with special needs in their will.
• How a trust fund can allow for a better future for your child.

If you are a teacher or SNA, please consider sharing this information with the families you are working with, as they might benefit enormously from this information.

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