Lámh Signs For Summer

If summer is your favourite time of the year, then you and I have something in common!

I know that this year most of us won’t be doing the usual holidays and there will be little travel abroad, so I am thinking of getting creative and maybe having some camping in the garden for the kids one night, with an improvised campfire included.

With the long weekend ahead and glorious sunshine, today I am going to teach you some Lámh signs for summer that you can practice with your child while playing in the garden.

Garden games are great because they require very little preparation while they offer hours of fun, especially if there is water or sand involved. I am loving also the easiness of garden games, light on rules and heavy on fun, we all needed it after having been parenting and home teaching for the past while.

So make a jug of refreshing lemonade, blow up the paddling pool, and enjoy the long weekend. And remember to add some Lámh to your garden games.

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Summer Signs