Lámh Sign For Please

Sign Of The Week: Lámh Sign For Please

Sign Of The Week: Lámh Sign For Please

Hi there,

Welcome to the sign of the week.

One of the signs that parents and teachers often ask me for is the sign for PLEASE.
So, I thought you would like to try it too!

While it is important for all children to learn manners and words associated with politeness, children with language delays might need more time to understand and learn how and when to use these words.

So, when is the best time to introduce social words to children with language delay?

It is best to wait until a child can communicate their needs and wants, make choices, and use basic language to interact with others (using words, signs or pictures).

Words such as please and thank you are associated with politeness, but those words don´t carry helpful and essential information to the child. It is crucial to focus on pragmatic language first before considering introducing words like please and thank you.

However, once the child can communicate basic needs and wants, they might be ready to learn social words such as PLEASE.

So, we´ll practice lots of politeness in the classroom, as the sign of the week is PLEASE.

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