Lámh Signs For The Easter Egg Hunt By Silvia Angel

This week, I recorded a video for you to learn all the Lámh signs you need for the Easter egg hunt. 

We want to support children who use Lámh to be able to sign in everyday activities, including special occasions, like Easter.

Children with communication difficulties will need you to explain clearly how the Easter egg hunt works. Using Lámh signs, pictures or demonstrations will help them understand how this activity works. Make sure they clearly understand that Easter Bunny hid chocolate eggs in the garden and that children have to find them and put them in the bag. 

Make clear that children have to find all the eggs before going back to the house to eat them. Helping children with special needs understanding instructions will help to make the egg hunt fun for the whole family.

In the Lámh Easter Egg Hunt video, you will also see examples of signs and sentences you can use while in the garden searching for the eggs. Younger children can focus on short sentences such as, look in the tree, or look in the flowers. Or, if you are working on promoting longer sentences, you can include some prepositions such as, look under the chair, look behind the tree.

I hope this video helps you and your family using Lámh during the Easter Egg hunt.

Have a Lámhly Easter 😉

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Lámh Signs For The Easter Egg Hunt By Silvia Angel