School Signs Review

A review of seven Lámh signs for school for the new term 2020.

I wanted to write to you to wish you the best of luck going back to school today.
You, all teachers, SNAs, preschool teachers and principals have done your best in getting classrooms ready and safe to welcome children back in today.

I bet this morning there will be a bit of fuss at the entrance, trying to figure out the new way “in” and the way “out” of schools, but soon everyone will be familiar with the latest procedures.

To welcome the new school year, I have created a summary of the essential Lámh signs for going back to school. This video will help you refresh any signs you may need.

Many of you have been asking if I will continue to do the sign of the week this year.

Yes, indeed, I will.

Every Wednesday you will receive the sign of the week for the following week, so you have time to learn it and prepare any relevant activities you wish to do with your students.

The sun is shining for us today so this is a great bonus ☀️

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School Signs Review