Lámh Sign For Mother

Sign Of The Week: Lámh Sign For Mother

Sign Of The Week: Lámh Sign For Mother

Hi there,

Welcome to the sign of the week.

As mother’s day approaches, we are looking for new ideas for arts and crafts and poems that children can do in the classroom this week and bring them home on mother’s day.

This week, I will teach you the MOTHER sign to use when you do activities preparing for this lovely day.

I will also be sharing other sighs such as sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother, and friend on my social media channels. They often have mothering roles in our life, and it’s important also to honour and celebrate these wonderful ladies in our life.

So, the sign of the week, starting on Monday the 8th of March, is MOTHER.

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Sign Of The Week – Mother

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

With the news of all schools in Ireland closing for the next two weeks to contain Corvid-19 virus, it will feel strange spending St. Patrick?s week at home with the family, and not be able to have a nice restaurant treat on mother?s day.

Stay safe and keep our children away from worry and panic. It?s important that we keep them occupied and away from the news and anxiety that us adults may feel over the next couple of weeks.
There will be lots of time now to do something special on St. Patrick?s Day and Mother?s Day and celebrate with our family at home.?Thankfully, the weather is fresh so we can get out for a walk on the beach, in the woods or on the hills.

We all hope this virus goes away as fast as it came and we can all return to normality once again.

The sign of the week starting on Monday the 16th of March is MOTHER.

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