Lámh Sign For Play

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

Have you begun to teach Lámh to the friends of the Lámh users in your class?

Children who have communication difficulties can find it challenging to build friendships with their peers. Their lack of verbal language can be an obstacle when it comes to joining in conversations and during play.

It is important to explain to their classmates that their friend is still learning to speak, but that they can use other ways to communicate. In my experience, I have found that children tend to enjoy learning sign language and the new opportunity to use it with their friends. The children in your class also learn by example, and they will model the way that you communicate with the children who use Lámh.

When working with peers and siblings of children, one of the first signs that I introduce is the sign for PLAY. Teaching signs to the friends and siblings of children who use Lámh is so important to help them to build relationships and long-lasting friendships together.

The sign for this week, starting on Monday the 30th of September is PLAY.

Have you introduced Lámh in your classroom? Are you doing specific activities to teach Lámh to the whole class?

I love hearing about the great work that people do in schools and pre-schools. Please share your ideas by leaving a comment below. 

Let’s #spreadthelámh this season.

Enjoy the video!

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Sign Of The Week – PLAY