Sign Of The Week – School

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

I hope the start of the new school year wasn’t too bumpy?

This time of the year is a great time to get a fresh start and formulate new plans for the term ahead.
Doing training with schools over the past year or so I have realised many have already begun to introduce a Lámh sign every week at assembly. This is a fantastic idea for promoting a Lamh community in all schools.

This got me thinking?

What if all schools learned the same sign? Wouldn’t we help the Lámh community to grow even faster?
So, I’m inviting you to join me in promoting this idea by learning a brand new sign every week.
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The sign for the week starting on Monday the 2nd of September is SCHOOL. 

You can share this sign with people at home, at school assembly or in your workplace.

If there are any signs that you feel would help you in your workplace please don’t hesitate to let me know as I would love to include them in my upcoming Sign Of The Week newsletters.

Let’s #spreadthelámh this season.

Enjoy the video!

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Sign Of The Week – SCHOOL