Lámh Sign For Sing

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

With Christmas just around the corner, have the children in your class started to practice for their school concert or play?

The school Christmas concert is such a great opportunity to introduce Lámh to the whole school and all of the families who attend. It’s a super way to continue promoting a signing environment within the school and the community.

Over the years, many schools have performed the classic Christmas song… “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” using Lámh signs. You can see the video of the song here.

Santa is coming to town.

By including signs at the school concert, you will help Lámh users to feel more included in the festive celebrations. Their classmates will be excited to learn the signs and performing together on the big stage.

I often see children from other classes taking an interest in the signs too, resulting in a lot of singing and signing during yard time during the run-up to Christmas!

As an added bonus, by using Lámh at the school concert – the whole community will become more aware that there are children in the school communicating with Lámh, and it helps to normalise the use of signs in the school and beyond.

As I know you will be merrily practising in the next few weeks, the sign of the week for the week starting on the 2nd of December is SING.

What other signs would you like to learn?
Let me know and I will incorporate them into the Sign of The Week.

Let’s #spreadthelámh this season.

Enjoy the video, and happy singing and signing!

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Sign Of The Week – SING