Lámh Sign For Sweet

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

The sign of the week, for the week starting on the 28th of October, is SWEET.

Halloween is finally here. Waheh! 

The kids are so excited and there will be a great display of costumes in all schools. Witches, ghosts, goblins and lots of scary faces for sure. 

Some kids will still prefer dressing up as superheroes, or other unusual costumes!
The one my son picked for himself this year was his favourite game at the moment, the Bop It! 
So yesterday we spent the whole evening making a ?Bop It? costume. 
I think we got it looking right? well, you can tell me as I?ll be sharing some photos on my Instagram account ?

So for next week, starting on the 28th of October the Sign Of The Week is SWEET.

For a lot of children, it wouldn?t feel like Halloween at all if there weren?t lots of sweets around!
I love seeing the kids doing their trick or treating around the neighbourhood so excited about collecting their big bags of goodies.

During the week I will be sharing lots more signs for goodies on my Instagram account, so c?mon over if you want to learn how to sign for chocolate, crisps, popcorn and others.

I hope you have a nice Halloween break.

Yours spookily,


Let?s #spreadthel?mh this season.

Enjoy the video!

Sign Of The Week ? SWEET