Tip #3 – Safety Issues!

Tips For Teachers: Tip #3 – Safety Issues!

Tips For Teachers: Tip #3 – Safety Issues!

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Safety Issues!

The current school year is coming to an end soon, and we are all starting to look at the list of new students we will be working with next September.

If you are working with a student with special educational needs in September, I have some tips for you!

Today I will share Tip #3

Safety Issues!

Before September, remember to ask this ONE question to parents of new children coming into your classroom:

How can I keep your child safe?

Children with special needs, particularly younger ones, might need to be fully supervised as they might not always have a sense of danger and safety yet.

Ask families if there are any issues concerning safety, and talk to your team to provide additional support.

Some children might be inclined to run away, so you need to make sure the child’s SNA supervises the child closely in all spaces that are not enclosed.

Some other children might be too unsteady on their feet, and they could be easily knocked over if other children bumped into them.

Find out if parents have any safety concerns and make a plan with your team accordingly.

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