Lámh Sign For Walk

Welcome to the Sign Of The Week.

One thing that many families have incorporated in their daily routine during the pandemic is a little bit of exercise together as a family.

I hear many families talking about how much children love Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. He runs free online P.E. classes on YouTube for children, and many of my students are enjoying these sessions, which is great!

Another excellent exercise routine is just going for a daily walk. Keep it as part of the daily routine with your kids, and always make it happen at the same time of the day. With the long evenings, you can even schedule one right after dinner if that fits in better with your working from home routine.

No matter what type of exercise activities children do, what?s important is to make sure they stay fit and healthy.

The sign of the week starting next Monday the 22nd of June is WALK.

Sign Of The Week – WALK